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Ukulele for those who need more than just a minimum!
In addition to the ukulele, inside the box you will find a branded case, a mini tutorial on playing the ukulele, a Flight FTC-33 tuner with a color display. Do not know what to give for a birthday, New Year or just to please a loved one?The FLIGHT NUC PACK is a great gift for a child, a girl or a guy for any holiday.
The strict beauty of natural wood, the traditionally high quality of Flight, the juicy bright sound and, compared to the soprano ukulele, more possibilities due to the fact that the working surface of the neck has 18 frets.
An excellent instrument that can solve a wide range of tasks ranging from getting into a school ensemble and up to organizing a nostalgic concert on board a spaceship carrying the musical heritage of humanity to Mars.
The laminated soundboard of the ukulele NUS 310 is simple and unpretentious in care, so this model is a very good option if you want to buy a tool for traveling. Feel your unity with nature by playing in the open air and hearing every note in harmony with the rustle of leaves and the singing of birds.
Technical specifications:
Size  - concert (concert)Top deck & nbsp; - sapeleKorpus & nbsp; - sapeleGrif & nbsp;- okumeNakladka on the neck & nbsp; - Rosewood firm cover in the kitetuner in the Kitemini-tutorial included
The Flight NUC 310 ukulele is a NU-sized concert ukulele series, the second largest after the soprano ukulele. The Flight NU ukulele range consists of 4 ukulele sizes, each model has its own original socket design.
The Flight NU series is the so-called entry level, i.e. the entry level of the ukulele. All models are made of Sapele wood, which has an interesting brown structure with a golden-nut tint.
The mysterious word ukulele is a translation of the English word ukulele, which is a small ukulele. In Russian, it doesn't sound very clear, and the word "ukulele" is neuter. And it is more familiar to hear a small ukulele, a yellow ukulele, in the feminine gender, as well as a guitar. So sometimes you can hear a ukulele instead of a ukulele, and that's how it was adapted to the Russian language.

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