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Ukulele soprano Veston KUS 15OR


article: 15565

country: Китай

Ukulele & nbsp; VESTON KUS & nbsp; 15OR  - & nbsp; a great choice if you need a gift for children or for your favorite girl. Stylish and colorful design, soft sound of a small ukulele will not leave anyone indifferent.
Ukulele & nbsp; VESTON KUS & nbsp; 15OR & nbsp; will also be a great gift for a romantic nature. The lightweight and compact ukulele is the perfect choice for traveling. The sea, the sunset and the gentle melody of this instrument are simply created for each other.
VESTON KUS 15OR has a standard size, which is commonly called "soprano", and which is traditionally considered the most convenient for novice musicians.
Learning to play the ukulele will not be difficult - soft nylon strings, compact size, only 4 strings instead of 6, which has a classical guitar, and the fact that you do not need to use the complex technique of barre to pinch the chord, will make the game a pleasure.
For fast and accurate tuning, we recommend that you buy an additional tuner.
You can also purchase an additional set of nylon strings.
You can buy a ukulele in our music stores in Moscow, partner stores in other cities, or order it online - all instruments are pre-checked, which guarantees a serviceable instrument when received.Technical specifications:

Size: soprano (soprano)
Upper deck and body:& nbsp;linden tree
Fingerboard and door sill:artificial ebony
Strings: Nylon
Kolkovaya mechanics: & nbsp; open
Number of frets: 13
Coating: matt
Color: Orange


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