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Soprano ukulele
The FLIGHT NUS 310 BLACKBIRD is a spectacular soprano-sized ukulele model from the Natural range in all-black with laser-etched Celtic ornamentation, black hardware, and even black Aquila black strings.
With its rich, warm sound, impeccable intonation, premium functionality, lightness and accessibility, the NUS 310 ukulele is the perfect tool for beginners and a quality addition to your collection.
The top deck and body of the Blackbird ukulele are made of African sapele wood, the closest relative of mahogany.
The wood texture looks unusual and impressive in black. The neck is made of African okoume with an eco-friendly composite wood overlay. This combination provides stability of intonation, comfort when playing and looks beautiful.
Bridge & ndash; nut. The NUS 310 BLACKBIRD is equipped with a lightweight and stylish branded case that provides excellent protection, as well as an 8-page manual that contains all the necessary information, including diagrams and chord sequences for the first training steps.Technical specifications:* Body shape: Soprano, 12 frets * Upper deck: African sapele * Back deck and shell: African sapele * Bridge: Walnut * Neck: African okoume * Fingerboard: Composite wood * Sill and saddle: Black * Sill width: 35 mm * Strings: Aquila black * Color: Black * Marker positions: 5th, 7th 1st and 10th frets• Features: Aquila black strings, arched back deck, matte black pegs, black sill and saddle, laser-engraved rosette, side dots• Case and training booklet included

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