Guitars from Japan and the USA

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Guitars from Japan and the USA

+7 (495) 108-02-72 +7 (987) 955-42-42
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Reserve of guitars

Every guitar on the way has two prices:
1 - price upon arrival at the showroom (subject to change)
2 - fixed price with a discount, valid for those who make a reserve

Reservation options:
1 - prepayment of 20% of the reserve amount. Upon arrival of the instrument in the showroom, we send detailed photos and videos of the condition of the guitar, for you to make a decision about the purchase. If desired, we calculate the cost of pre-sale preparation.
2 - prepayment in the amount of 100% of the reserve amount. Upon arrival of the guitar in the showroom, we make a full pre-sale preparation, send you photos and videos to make your decision.

A full refund is possible at any stage, up to the moment of the guitar's arrival in the showroom and the pre-sale preparation performed.

* When returning funds, commissions may be deducted by operators (bank acquiring, Qiwi, Yandex.Money, etc.).
* The waiting period does not include additional time that may be required for pre-sale preparation.
What does pre-sale preparation include:
1. Complete cleaning and polishing (body, neck, mechanics)
2. Checking the anchor and adjusting it
3. Fret rolling polishing or replacing frets in combination with setting up
4. Cleaning and impregnation of the fingerboard
5. Checking and desoldering electronics
6. String Replacement
7. Setting up scale
8. Restoration, refinish, varnishing (by agreement)

* It should be noted that when you receive a guitar, you usually need to additionally rebuild it before playing. This is due to changes in the environment (temperature, humidity), as well as the fact that we loosen the strings before shipping for safe transportation.