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Classic guitar Yamaha C40

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country: Индонзия

Production: Indonesia
Classical Guitar.Features: 

Case material: Meranti
Color: Natural
Case Type: Classic
Beaker: 650 mm
Number of frets: 19
Top material: Spruce Neck
material: Nato
Fingerboard material: Rosewood
Pegs: chrome-plated RM-1252X

The YAMAHA C40 is a full-size classical guitar from the " C " line from a well-known Japanese manufacturer. This guitar is characterized by high build quality, excellent sound, it is convenient to play, and its price is very democratic. This guitar is a great choice for beginners and those who are learning to play the instrument. Like all guitars produced by Yamaha, this model has been thoroughly tested and quality checked. The sound of the instrument is very pleasant, soft, not too loud.
The upper deck of the C40 is made of spruce wood, often used in the construction of acoustic guitars due to its acoustic properties. The body of the guitar is shaped with a G – made of meranti, this wood is sometimes also called«Philippine mahogany & raquo;, with a glossy finish. The neck is made of Nato wood, the finish is matt. The neck has 19 frets without inlay. The fingerboard is flat, made of rosewood. The guitar bridge is also rosewood. The model is presented in an elegant natural color, pegs – chrome RM-1252X. The Yamaha C40 has nylon strings.

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