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Классическая гитара CORT 4/4 AC100-SG

В наличии 128 шт
Магазин в Самаре: 1 шт.
Магазин в Москве: 6 шт.
Центральный склад: 121 шт.

article: 11933

country: Индонезия

Production: Indonesia
Classical guitar.
Redesigned traditional AC model with improved resonance and authentic classic sound. A successful combination of wood species gives a traditional, deep and deliciously soft sound. AC series guitars are forgiving of student mistakes and require a little less precision and clarity for a good sound.

Body shape: classic.
Beaker: 650mm.
Upper deck: spruce.
Back deck and shell: mahogany.
Neck: mahogany.
Fingerboard and bridge: rosewood.
Neck mount: dovetail.
Edging: black.
Neck width at the top sill: 52mm.
Strings: Savarez.
Color: natural, glossy.

The upper deck is made of spruce. Spruce has the perfect balance between strength and flexibility. This explains the extreme popularity of using this wood as a material for the upper deck of acoustic guitars. With such a versatile sound, spruce is perfect for a variety of musical genres and playing styles.
The lower deck and shell are made of mahogany. Bright yet natural, with a strong and warm middle, mahogany has remained the standard for the backboard and shell of acoustic guitars for many decades.
Improved spring distribution. The traditional spring system for classical guitars, which increases the vibration characteristics of nylon strings.
C-shaped neck profile. The most popular and widely used form of the fretboard is also used on classical guitars.
The curl of the fretboard head. The curl increases the feeling of comfort for the left thumb while playing.
Savarez strings. Classic coated nylon yarns resist discoloration and corrosion better than conventional ones, while maintaining their vibrancy and power. Even if the guitar has not been played for weeks or even months, the strings look, feel, and sound fresh.

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