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Guitars from Japan and the USA

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BURNY THUNDERBIRD TB-65 Bass Guitar 2011

от $375.00
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article: 24425

country: Тайвань

Production: Taiwan
"Gromoptitsa" from the company Burny 2011 production. Bass with a loose character and a killer appearance. Roars like an animal! Ideal for heavy areas, but it will also be appropriate to go to bed in something lighter. A sound with a real character, each note sounds dense and juicy. Color: Classic sunburst Tool in good condition, there are a couple of minor not very noticeable chips, technically in excellent condition.
Neck mount: on / off
Number of frets: 20
Beaker: 34 "
Soundboard: Mahogany
Neck: Maple
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Pickups: Gotoh TB-1
Controls: 2 volumes, timbre

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